Theodor Itten and Murray Gordon to speak in NY

by Dr. Brent Potter on September 21, 2012

A dialogical talk by Theodore Itten and Murray Graham Gordon

“Imagine you freak out, come to the end of your tether, can’t hold it together anymore. Where would you go? Imagine you enter a way of being and experiencing the world, which other people call mad, and your nearest and dearest can’t cope with your presence any longer. To whom would you turn?”

R.D. Laing (1927–1989) asked this question, framing a larger range of questions concerning what we owe one another when someone loses their way. Both presenters knew and worked with Laing personally and lived in the therapeutic communities he established in London. This evening elucidates Laings’s integrative therapeutic approach, his profound understanding of sanity and madness, and his awareness that without sympathy there is no healing.

at Open Center New York
Wednesday, October 10, 8–10pm 12FP88P
Members: $22 / Nonmembers: $25

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