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Essays and Interviews

Essays and Interviews

Laing, R.D., with J.L. Cameron. 1955 “Patient and Nurse: Effects of Environmental Changes in the Care of Chronic Schizophrenics”The Lancet, Vol. 2, No. 6905, December 31, 1955.

Laing, R. D. 1963. “Minkowski and Schizophrenia.” Review of Existential Psychology and Psychiatry 3, no. 3.

Laing, R. D., 1963. “Review of Schizophrenia as a Human Process by H. S. Sullivan.” International Journal of Psychoanalysis 44, no. 3.

Laing, R. D. 1964. “Review of General Psychopathology by Karl Jaspers.” International Journal of Psychoanalysis 45, no. 4

Laing, R. D. 1964. “Transcendental Experience in Relation to Religion and Psychosis” in The Psychedelic Review, Vol.1 No.3.

Laing, R.D. 1965. (with Esterson, A. and Cooper, D.) Results of Family-Oriented Therapy with Hospitalized SchizophrenicsBritish Medical Journal 2, December.

Laing, R.D. 1968 ‘Metanoia: Some Experiences at Kingsley Hall’ Recherches, Paris, December. (Reprinted in H.W. Ruitenbeek, Ed. Going Crazy: The Radical Therapy of R.D. laing and Others, (NY Bantam, 1972)

Laing, R.D. 1968 ‘The Obvious’ in Going Crazy: The Radical Therapy of R.D. Laing and Others, H.W. Ruitenbeek, Ed. NY: Bantam, 1972.

Morag Coate. Beyond All Reason 1964
An introduction was written by Laing to this personal account of a breakdown.

Laing, R.D. Mystification, Confusion and Conflict
in Intensive Family Therapy, Ivan Boszormenyi-Nagy and James L. Framo (editors). 1965′

Francis A. MacNab. Estrangement and Relationship: Experience with Schizophrenics 1965
Foreword by R.D. Laing

Howe, E. Graham. Cure or Heal 1965
Foreword by R.D. Laing

Laing, R.D. Ritualisation and abnormal behaviour. 1966 Philosophical Transaction of the Royal Society London, Vol.251, Nr.772B

Peter Lomas (editor). The Predicament of the Family: A Psycho-Analytical Symposium 1967
Contributions by Laing, John Bowlby, Gillian Elles, Ilse Hellman, Derek Miller, Rhoan Rapoport, and Donald Winnicott.

David Cooper (editor). The Dialectics of Liberation 1968
Alternately titled To Free a Generation. Laing’s essay ‘The Obvious’ was first published in this book along with contributions from other participants in the famous conference of the same name.

Harry Silverstein (editor). The Social Control of Mental Illness 1968
Lengthy excerpts of The Divided Self, as well as of Szasz’s The Myth of Mental Illness, Goffman’s Asylums and others.

Raymond J.R. King (editor). Family Relations: Concepts and Theories 1969
‘Interpersonal Perception’ by R.D. Laing, H. Phillipson, and A.R. Lee.

Edward M. Jennings (editor). Science and Literature: New Lenses for Criticism 1970
‘”Interaction and Interexperience in Dyads” by R.D. Laing, H. Phillipson and A.R. Lee (from Interpersonal Perception) as well as pieces by Arthur Koestler, C.S. Lewis, Gregory Bateson and others.

Leo Hamalian and Frederick R. Karl (editors). The Radical Vision: Essays for the Seventies 1970
Another book that includes Laing’s essay ‘The Obvious’.

James Keys. Only Two Can Play This Game 1972
A brief forward by Laing to this book by his pupil and friend Keys (aka George Spencer-Brown, author of Laws of Form).

Phil Brown (editor). Radical Psychology 1973
An interesting collection of articles by Szasz, Laing, Sheff, Goffman, Reich, etc.

Nicholas M. Regush (editor). Visibles and Invisibles: A Primer for a New Sociological Imagination 1973
Laing’s ‘The Obvious’ again, with Durkheim, Norman Mailer, Buckminster Fuller, Von Daniken, R.K. Merton, Alan Watts, etc.

Balaskas, Arthur. Body Life 1977 Sidgwick& Jackson Ltd, London
Foreword by R.D. Laing

De Batselier, Steven. Passage 144. Uitgeveri Soethoud, Antwerben 1979
Foreword by R.D. Laing

Arthur and Janet Balaskas. New Life: The Book of Exercises for Childbirth 1979
Foreword By R.D. Laing

Satish Kumar (editor). The Schumacher Lectures 1980
A contribution by Laing entitled ‘What is the Matter with Mind?’ is featured along with others by Fritjof Capra, Leopold Kohr, Amory Lovins, Ivan Illich, John Michell, Edward de Bono, and Hazel Henderon.

Christian Strich (editor). Fellini’s Faces 1981
Has many photos of faces immortalized in the work of Federico Fellini. With an insightful foreword by Laing.

Vincenzo Caretti. Le Radici dell’ Esperienza, Astrolabio, Roma, 1982
Foreword by R.D. Laing

R.D. Laing. What is Asylum?Towards A Whole Society The Richmond Fellowship Press, London. 1985

Jeffrey Zeig (editor). The Evolution of Psychotherapy 1987
The Use of Existential Phenomenology in Psychotherapy‘ by R.D. Laing, with discussion by Thomas Szasz and comments by Paul Watzlawick

Laing, R. D. God and PsychiatryTimes Literary Supplement, London. May 23 1986

Robert W. Firestone. The Fantasy Bond 1987
Robert W. Firestone. Compassionate Child-Rearing 1988
Forewords for both books written by R.D. Laing.

Stanislav Grof, Christina Grof (editors). Spiritual Emergency: When Personal Transformation Becomes a Crisis 1989
An essay by Laing: ‘Transcendental Experience in Relation to Religion and Psychosis’, as well as Roberto Assagioli, John Weir Perry, Holger Kalweit, Lee Sannella, Anne Armstrong, Keith Thompson, Jack Kornfield, Ram Dass and Paul Rebillot.

James DeMeo, Ph.D. (editor). On Wilhelm Reich and Orgonomy 1994
Includes an essay entitled ‘Why is Reich Never Mentioned?’ by R.D. Laing


Digby Diehl (editor). Super-Talk 1971
Interviews with Laing, Henry Miller, Clare Booth Luce, Ray Bradbury, Gloria Steinem, Melvin Belli, Charles Richter, Joan Baez, Norman Lear, Peter Bogdanovich, S.I. Hayakawa, Philip K. Wrigley and others.

Iain Sinclair. The Kodak Mantra Diaries 1971
Allen Ginsberg’s visit to London. R.D. Laing, Paul Cooper, David Cooper and Edward Lucie-Smith are questioned. Photos.

Jonathan Cott, Knots, Tangles, Fankles, & Whirligogs: A conversation with R.D. Laing. 1973, Rolling Stone, Aug.30

Qui est Fou? Ronald Laing In: L’Express 23-29 Juillet, 1973

Vin & Pat Rosenthal, Leon Redler & R.D. Laing – London 1973. Voices, Winter 1973/74

Ronald D.Laing – Es stört mich nicht ein Mensch zu sein. 1974, Kiepenheuer & Witsch, Köln
This Interview has been withheld by Penguin books, and Ronnie was paid a sum to let them do so, since the interview did not fall into the image of RDL Penguin books tried to market then, so the book is only aviable in Italian and German. – TI.

David Cohen. Psychologists on Psychology 1977
One chapter is devoted to Laing and includes an introduction to his life and thought as well as an interview.

Caretti, Vincenzo, Laing: Intervista sul folle e il saggio. 1979 Laterza, Roma

John McGreevy (editor). Cities 1981
A book version of the Canadian television series of the same name. Profiles several great cities of the world from the viewpoints of their own famous native sons. The chapter ‘R.D. Laing’s Glasgow’ includes photos and commentary by Laing.

Abbie Hoffman. Square Dancing in the Ice Age 1982
Contains a 1979 interview conducted at Laing’s residence in London while Abbie was running from the law.

Peter Nasmyth. Laing on Ecstasy The Face, 1986
Article following on the original interview discusses Laing’s experience and views on MDMA.

R.D.Laing 1988, OMNI

Carlos Amantea. The Lourdes of Arizona 1989
Another look at The Evolution of Psychotherapy conference. Includes a transcript of an interview that Laing did with a schizophrenic on the streets of Phoenix. Laing wrote an introduction to that interview especially for this book.